Covering some miles (sometimes the same miles more than once)

We woke up early for some reason. There were no crying children or barking dogs. By 6:30 AM we had decided that we were just going to get ready and hit the road. We don’t rush the “getting ready process”. It’s kind of a slow motion dance toward the door. That said, the trike was loaded and the engine fired up right at 7:30.

Once again we skipped the continental breakfast at the hotel. The two GPS systems agreed on the way out of Wichita (a rare happening). The system I depend on the most is my beautiful back seat navigator with her map in her hands. She has directed me in some crazy situations and I’d be lost without her (literally).

About 45 minutes out of Wichita it was time for breakfast. We were scanning points of interest on both GPS systems without seeing much promise of good bacon. Jana looked up and suddenly our breakfast plan was set. A good friend of hers is the corporate training director for a chain of breakfast places called “Jimmy’s Egg” (not “eggs” as it should say). We had never been in one or even seen one for that matter. In we went.

El Dorado, KS is home to this Jimmy’s Egg

Breakfast was really good and the server was happy and helpful. We were pleased.

That really was the highlight of the day. I had laid out a plan that put us about 350 miles closer to home and in a brand new Fairfield Inn for the night. The route looked easy enough and it avoided both versions of Kansas City (KS and MO). We were making good progress until we encountered a “road closed” sign on MO highway 7. How bad can it be, we’ll just follow the detour and be right back on track.

Unfortunately, the detour took us right back to the outskirts of Kansas City and onto I-470. Ugh! My trusty navigator figured out a route that got us back on US-24 which was exactly where we were trying to go. All we had to do was to follow US-24 to US-65 then go north about 30 miles. We’d be at our hotel in no time.

When we got to the town of Waverly, we made the curve to take 65 north. You guessed it. Another road closed sign was staring us in the face. I had to turn right instead of the left hand turn we wanted to make. I was going exactly the wrong way on 65. This wasn’t going to work so a U-turn was executed. I decided that we would get back to Waverly and ask someone how to proceed. It turns out the Missouri River had flooded the area and the roadway we needed was under water.

A helpful resident gave us two choices to proceed. One of them got so confusing that there was no way I was going that way. The other way was to retrace the last 20 miles of US-24 then take MO-13 north for 35 miles to US 36 which was exactly where we needed to go. Our short 350ish mileage day was now over 400 miles with the detours. There are no other pictures.

The current plan is to spend a really long day tomorrow making our way across the rest of Missouri, Illinois, and the Hoosier state to sleep in our own bed. It will be about 480 miles but will be worth it to sleep in our own bed.

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