Unfinished Business

The goal of our latest expedition was to enjoy the time together riding some miles on the trike. We accomplished that. It was also to fill in some of the space on my hat pin map. That is the unfinished business mentioned in the title of today’s post. I’m ready to try again.

Travelling is an addiction for me. I no sooner get home and I’m ready to go again (sometimes before I get home). A good example is that some friends left for a two-wheeled trip the same day we got home. I thought that if I got home one day sooner or they waited one day to leave, I could go on that trip too.

It’s not that I don’t like being home. I really enjoy home life. It’s just that I see pictures of all the places I’d like to visit and am ready to throw the bags on the bike or truck or plane or whatever and go get a look in person.

The final day of this trip we made a good decision to get all the way home instead of making it a two day mission. That meant doing almost 500 miles down the interstate. This isn’t my favorite kind of travel but I sometimes go that way when necessary. It was the right decision. The place we were going to stop for the night had rain about half the day. That meant we would have to don the rainsuits for the second time and be wet and cold running the final leg.

After the repairs, the trike ran flawlessly. The gas mileage was not very good due to driving directly into the wind most of the time. We ended up right at 2800 miles for this adventure.

Now the daily life returns to normal. The grass is mowed. The laundry is done. Football season kicked off today. All normal, everyday things. I came home with exactly one smashed penny and one hat pin (which is too big to fit on the map anyway). I didn’t fill in the gaps in the map. I did come home with a new water pump and two new t-shirts. I still focus on the gaps in the map. If only my friends would have waited……..

Henry is done rambling for a little while.

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