I don’t think we’re in …. wait – we are in Kansas

The day got off to a different start than we’ve been practicing on this trip. The continental breakfast at the hotel for some reason was calling our name. It was not a good decision. The food was cold and tasteless. It was a good reminder to get on the trike and motor down the road to find breakfast at a small diner. We won’t make that mistake again.

Goodbye Texas, Goodbye Oklahoma

We’re saying goodbye to Texas and Oklahoma, at least on this trip as we make our way back to the Hoosier state. The trike is running really well even if the thermometer says 100 degrees as we enter Kansas.

Hello Kansas

Our first stop of the day was to reload on coffee and grab some for-sure winning lottery tickets. While we were there, I had to perform an unfortunate duty of removing a dead bird from the rear suspension of the trike. After all, this vehicle weighs enough as it is without the added 2 ounces of deceased Oklahoma fowl. Jana of course had to take a picture. I chose to spare you the picture of the carnage.

Bye bye birdie.

The next stop was about 75 miles down the road at Liberal, Kansas. As we entered town, there was a billboard that proclaimed that Liberal was the home of Dorothy’s house from the wizard of Oz. I didn’t remember that the story included an exact town so we needed to check this out.

It seems that a local resident had the idea to create a tourist site by creating the attraction. The town bought into the idea and soon, the “Dorothy House” was created at the site of the local history museum. We didn’t pay the entry fee to actually tour the house but we did walk the yellow brick road.

Inside the gift shop, the temptation was there to purchase some ruby slippers but unfortunately there is absolutely no room to pack them home on the trike.

About 5:00 PM the trike was parked at the Holiday Inn Express in Wichita, Kansas. We covered about 325 miles on another very hot day. It’s opening night for NFL football so we opted for a very healthy meal of beer and pizza in our room as we “get ready for some football”. Tomorrow night we should be somewhere in Missouri. If we click our heels together three times maybe we will be home soon.

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