Measuring Success of the Trip

We made it back safely from Utah.  The trailer picked up some new rock dings and I’ve got to get the slow leak fixed in the tire.  The truck is in good shape but a little low on diesel exhaust fluid.  The family is still talking to each other but all are probably ready for some down time before the “normal” daily routine starts again.  I have a new appreciation for my wife’s support and patience.  She listens to my daily ups and downs with love and understanding.  My son and daughter-in-law have a strong marriage and are headed down a great path in life.  My son did all of the detailed planning of this trip which led us to some great new experiences.  The entire family shared the driving over the course of 4,126 miles and nobody screamed (out loud anyway).  A good result given that we were pulling the 7×16 trailer in some tight quarters.

It has been many years since we left the trip planning to someone else.  Through all the years of motorcycle and hot rod trips Jana and I planned every twist, turn, and overnight stop.  It was hard to restrain myself on this trip.  The route was all about making miles on the interstate which is not at the top of my travel style list.  It is the most efficient way to get to the destination that is 1,800 miles from home.  There was not much choice this time.  There were many stops along the path which I would not have seen if left to my usual two-lane method.

I missed rolling through the small towns and interacting with the interesting people we would meet along the way.  We did get to talk to some but not like when you travel small town America.  Hearing their stories just adds to my overall enjoyment.

This trip would have been very difficult if we would have ridden the bike or trike the entire distance.  We experienced temperatures over 100 degrees on several days.  The rain came down hard on a couple of days.  While I missed the two wheeled experience, it was pretty nice to ride in air-conditioned comfort and to have windshield wipers when necessary.

The trip was really good overall and I would do it again today.

The most relevant numbers:

  1. Miles: 4,126
  2. New hat pins: 11
  3. New smashed pennies: 7
  4. New smashed quarter: 1 (first ever)


Henry is done rambling for now but the next trip won’t be too far away.  The destination is wide open.


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