A Lot of Miles Closer to Home

Not much I can say about today.  We left early this morning from Weatherford, Oklahoma and stopped for the night in Troy, Illinois.  Google Maps says that’s a distance of 587 miles.  It feels like it.  It’s been a long time since we pushed almost 600 miles but that’s what it takes to get back to familiar ground.  We chose to drive through St. Louis tonight instead of waiting until the morning.  We were stopped twice for accidents on I270 around the south side of the city.  Another reason to not like interstate travel.

Along the way we made one stop.  We stopped at Uranus, Missouri.  It’s really a tourist spot more than a town.  It boasts the Uranus Fudge Factory (that should give you an idea of their intent with this spot – the police car says (To Serve and Protect Uranus).  It was fun but I was anxious to make some miles.

It was all interstate miles today including $22 worth of the Oklahoma Turnpike.  The truck was pretty quiet today – mostly because thoughts of home were rolling around in our little brains.  Lunch was at a turnpike oasis McDonald’s and dinner was at Cracker Barrel across the parking lot from the motel.

The plan is to hit the road fairly early tomorrow morning and be in our own driveway early in the afternoon.  The next entry will come from home.


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