Music Appreciation

As a member of the school band, I gained an appreciation for various types of music (except RAP, of course).  The early days of Rock and Roll are based on some old blues rhythms which resonate in my brain.  Who can resist a genre with artists named Muddy Waters, Howlin Wolf, Blind Dog, and of course the King – B.B.  I listen to the blues about as much as I listen to country music.  When I discovered there is something called “The Blues Trail”, I quickly added that to my list of potential motorcycle travels.

The Blues Trail isn’t really a specific road or destination.  It is a series of historical markers spread over the Mississippi Delta area designating significant people or events.  It includes the famous “cross roads” where Robert Johnson supposedly made the deal with the devil to become a great blues player.  Our vacation time is limited so we headed down the road to visit some of these sites.

The puppies are at the pup-sitter and we headed out under some really dark gray skies.  The plan for the day was originally headed about 170 miles down the road.  The weather didn’t look great plus the Colts were on TV so I shortened the “1st day” to about 90 miles so we could watch the local football team meander their way to another defeat at the hands of the dreaded Patriots.  This turned out to be a good choice (shortening the trip – not necessarily watching the Colts).  It took nearly 3 hours to go the 90 miles.  The road that looked so good on the map looks a lot different in the dark.  There are a lot of creatures that come out of the woods at night.  It was a little creepy negotiating some tight curves while keeping one eye out for animals.

We rolled in to our designated hotel about 7:30.  We didn’t get wet or encounter any wildlife.  After a quick sprint down the street to Chili’s for a quick bite, we were back to our room in time for kickoff.  There were no pictures today.  I did take a quick video just to try out the GoPro but nobody wants to see that.

In the morning we’ll set sail for the home of Superman, Metropolis, Illinois.  The plan is to follow the Big Muddy down to Mississippi to visit places like Clarksdale and Itta Beana.

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