Must Be Well Done by Now

After 5 straight days of a heat index over 105 degrees, I have to be well done by now. All the moisture has been cooked out of me. Even a little bit of northern Kentucky cloud cover today didn’t help.

The motion started at 9:10 AM local time. I just knew we’d come across a small diner on our way out of Murfreesboro this morning. The temperature was already up in the mid 80’s. Once again my quest for a small diner was unanswered. After about 60 miles, we pulled into a Hardee’s for another fast-food breakfast. Soon, I’ll find something and we’ll have a real breakfast.

It was a long 181 miles and the air temp was 96 degrees. I watched the sky for signs of relief (rain). It’s not often I’m hoping for rain while I traveling on 2 wheels. It just so happened that 10 minutes after the bikes were parked the rain started. There was a lot of thunder, some lightning, and 15 minutes of downpour. (Thanks Holiday Inn Express Bardstown for letting us park under the portico.)

As I mentioned – the rain was lasted all of 15 minutes and the temp was still 96 degrees. It was a little steamy.

The bikes were dry and protected – thank you HIE Bardstown.

I have a friend who lives in the area and I tried reaching out to him for a quick meet-up. He is busy and has a young family so I wasn’t really surprised when he couldn’t make it. We’ll keep trying Jeremy.

After a little searching (and radar checking) dinner was planned for the Bourbon Brick Oven Grill. The decision was made based almost exclusively on proximity to the hotel. The food was good and the venue provided live music. The musician had a good voice but I was pretty worn out from the heat so we walked back to the hotel.

In the hotel parking lot was parked a shuttle proclaiming that the Bourbon capital of the World is the Holiday Inn Express. At least that’s how I see the signs on the front. I might be mistaken.

Hmmmm. Maybe I would feel better now that I am well-done if I actually was marinated in a good Kentucky Bourbon.

Total mileage today: 181 Total for the trip: 1071

Thanks for cooking along with us.

One thought on “Must Be Well Done by Now

  1. Still warm and steamy back home Ron, the Oldsmobile National Car Meet began today in Murfreesboro, attempted to be there with the Rallye 350 but you sold your trailer… Safe travels and keep Rambling!

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