Bad People Day

Maybe it’s the heat. Maybe it’s the remains of the pandemic. Maybe I forgot to put on all the baby powder I needed after buying the giant economy size. I’m not sure really what it was but all day long we encountered people in very bad moods. They were arguing, fussing, and just being mean to anybody and everybody around them.

There aren’t many pictures today because all we did was try to get out of this incredible heat wave that seems to be engulfing Tennessee, Kentucky, and Alabama. Maybe the heat is just following me around. Ugh!

We started the day by saying goodbye to Guntersville Lake. The Wyndham Garden Inn provided a “free” breakfast buffet for guests. I wish the service came with a smile. Mrs Henry asked for a Diet Coke with her breakfast. She was told in no uncertain terms that the drinks available were water, milk, orange juice, apple juice, and coffee. “That’s what we have.” I really wanted to show her that I understood with the appropriate hand gesture but I’m trying to do better in that regard.

You know it’s a resort when they provide a very pristine fish cleaning station.

The food was good and we lingered about as long as we could. It was already into the low 80’s and climbing at 8:30 AM. Bikes were loaded and we shoved off headed for Murfreesboro, TN. Since the distance was short, our plan included taking several breaks along the path. Total failure on that part.

I ended up pulling into a Exxon station where we could fill up and grab a couple of bottles of water. There were no other customers around. While I was inside a large semi truck pulled in and stopped in the middle of the drive (I had left the bikes sitting at the pump since the place was empty.) Shortly after a beautiful black Ford F250 pulling a horse trailer pulled in. There was no place for him except to block the other side of the pumps even though he was not getting any gas (must be an electic Ford). After a few minutes the station owner came out and had a colorful argument with the driver of the pickup truck about an urgent need to move. I wanted no part of this “discussion” but as it wrapped up, the pickup driver had to stop and tell me his side of the story. With a couple of different comments, this situation could have gotten out of hand. We saddled up and moved on.

After searching for other options I settled for another visit to the Golden Arches. I made the mistake of getting a chocolate shake. Those sometimes have an unpleasant reaction with my digestive system. Guess what. I think Alabama and Tennessee have state laws against rest areas and gas stations along I-65 and I-840. My digestive system was getting uncomfortable. (Is that TMI?) After 80 miles — finally a gas station. It just happened to be one we had been in a couple of days ago. Relief from the heat and resolution of the chocolate shake impending situation occurred at this place – the White Buffalo.

We did find one server who was willing to sell us a hat that is supposed to be for employees only. The manager had to ask several questions about our purchase. Why can”t people just be nice and have some fun?

One last situation then I promise no more negativity for 2 days. I chose to stay at Holiday Inn properties even though their current pricing is scary high. We ended our day at this particular property and immediately encountered issues. The A/C in the lobby was broken, the pool hadn’t been used in a long time, there were no vending machines, etc.,etc. When I tried to talk to the front desk clerk she was insolent. It was the end of her shift and her parting words were “You’ll have to talk to the night manager”. She left.

The rain did wait until we were tucked in at the motel. There was a Cracker Barrel within eyesight of said hotel. There were a couple of good things after all. The aroma from my socks is not one of them.

Total mileage for today: 160 Total trip mileage: 890.

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