Awe Inspiring

Today’s title does not refer to our hotel – The Edgewater Hotel at Coos Bay. It was nice enough but I have to admit it was a bit dated. I was curious what the name referred to so I did a little investigating and found that if I stepped out the back door there was some body of water there. It looked like it might be a tidal off-shoot but when I saw it there was mostly just mud.

Today’s title does not refer to the breakfast we had at the Stockpot Restaurant in Coos Bay, Oregon. I must admit the food was very good and Sarah, our server certainly made us feel welcome but I wouldn’t call the breakfast memorable or awe inspiring.

Sarah made us feel right at home. She even asked me why I didn’t clean my plate – just like my mom used to do.

The title refers to our ride today down the beautiful Pacific Coast Scenic Byway. It is also known as US-101 or the Pacific Coast Highway. I have been on the PCH in northern Oregon and Washington but never had the pleasure of riding the southern Oregon portion. It is well worth the trip.

If you’re not familiar with riding along the coast my rule of thumb is the temperature goes down 1 degree for every mile closer you get to the coast starting about 30 miles inland. While a lot of the country is seeing very warm temperatures, we rode in mid-60 degrees all day long. I finally got to use the heavy jacket I’ve been toting since we left Indiana.

The mileage wasn’t very long today – just a little over 200 miles. The wind was pretty strong from the ocean side which helps drive the temperature down. We ended up in Arcata, California at the Best Western. I wasn’t really in the mood to get back on the bike and it didn’t appear that there were any eateries close by except Carl’s Jr. We opted for the old faithful pizza delivery. The pizza was really good and I’ll just say all that goodness came at a California price. Yikes.

Once again, I am at a loss for words to describe what we saw so I’m just going to show a few pictures here as we cruised the coast of Oregon and into the northern California redwoods. Enjoy.

Thanks for coming along for the ride.

One thought on “Awe Inspiring

  1. Aww Henry, you’re making me homesick. I’m from Oregon, and so love the coast. Cannon Beach, Manzanita, Depoe Bay . . . what a beautiful drive. Glad you got to enjoy my favorite places.

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