As Far as We Can Go

Today was the day we had to pick a new direction. We have gone as far west as we can in the continental US. Yes, we made it to the Pacific Ocean. Just like Lewis and Clark, we have all been looking forward to this day since we left home more than 2 weeks ago. Could we have reached the ocean sooner – absolutely. Would we trade our travels for a shorter route – absolutely not.

There are about 3,500 miles under our tires. We have seen a lot but nothing can compare to the first glimpse of the Pacific.

The views got better the further we rode south on US-101, The Pacific Coast Scenic Byway according to the signs.

When we passed the Hecenta Head Lighthouse we just had to stop. This shot is truly postcard worthy.

US-101 is heavily traveled and it looked like we were going to be spending the day doing 30 MPH lined up behind some over sized RV’s. I was wrong. The further south we rode, the lighter the traffic got. It may have been because it was Sunday afternoon and people were headed home or it may have been they moved out of the way, quaking in fear at the 3 Hoosier Harleys. Whatever the reason, it was nice to be able to cruise this part of the PCH with limited interruption.

After we left Hecenta Head, towns were pretty far apart especially if you’re in need of a place for a bio-break. We made it as far south as Florence, Oregon before we found a spot we could go inside and eat. Most places in this state are still carry-out or drive up only. That’s going to be our situation for the next few days as we enter California tomorrow.

We found a really good family restaurant called Clawson’s Wheelhouse. The food was homestyle and very good. The service was perfect.

After lunch, the last 50 miles were dealt with in short order and we are now at the Edgewater Inn in Coos Bay, Oregon. The hotel could use some freshening up inside – it’s a little dated. As far as I’m concerned, the bed is clean and comfortable, the wifi works, and the TV has a picture.

Dinner was secured at the Safe-Way deli counter. It wasn’t very fancy but I was still stuffed from lunch. Our distance today wasn’t all that long (less than 200 miles) but for some reason I feel like it’s time for bed.

Thanks for reading along. If you have any suggestions on how to improve my blog, I would like to hear them. Please leave a comment.y

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