The End of Days

Ok – the title seems a bit dramatic. It is accurate as the end of our days in Spearfish, South Dakota has arrived. We enjoyed riding every day and appreciated the time this group of friends got to spend together. For the next 2 days we’ll still be together but in large vehicles (Queen Mary and Truckasaurus) wending our way back to the Hoosier state and Henry’s Ranch. It’s 1200 miles that we will all endure to get back home to our families.

Since dinner ran long last night, it was necessary for us to get up very early today and load our bikes and belongings into the vehicles which were now parked down at the bottom of the hill instead of conveniently located in our driveway. The vehicles with trailers just wouldn’t fit in the cul-de-sac so we parked on the street below our house-on-the-hill.

Our friend Mike F. made us feel special by taking time away from Donna to show up at our house to wish us a safe journey. He and Donna are heading a different direction than we are. Once Mike pulled away, I walked away from 2313 Gunslinger Ct and headed for the truck.

Emptying out the garage. Hope we didn’t disturb the neighbors at 6:30 AM.

There is one last item that I’m including just for the guys who went on this trip. Only the ones present will understand the significance of this. You had to be there.

What is the secret significance of this?

Mike R and I were in the truck while the rest of the crew were in the van. We decided to run down the road a while before having breakfast. After about an hour and a half we decided on the Red Rock Restaurant in Wall, SD. (Did you know that there is only 1 Cracker Barrel Restaurant in all of South Dakota?) The food was standard breakfast fare but our server Terry kept us entertained (“Terry with a Y – don’t ask me why” – her words, not mine).

You know it’s a long day when the most significant thing I found to take a picture of is the “Welcome to Iowa” sign.

At the end of the day, we are approximately 670 miles closer to home. We left Spearfish at 8:03 AM and pulled into Johnston, Iowa at 9:45 PM (there is a time zone change in there). Time zone or not, we’re tired of sitting in vehicles. We are going to try to get an early start tomorrow by partaking of the hotel continental breakfast. That should save us stopping to eat somewhere. We will certainly miss the great breakfasts that Red prepared for us all week.

Tomorrow will be the last day of this adventure. I may not post a blog tomorrow. Instead I’ll wait a day or so and let you know how I perceive the journey after the “heat of the battle”. I really appreciate everyone who took time to read these entries and follow Henry’s Ramblings.

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