Meanwhile Back at the Ranch

The weather man was smiling on us today. He also warned that there was a limited opportunity to make it back to the Rambling Ranch. I felt pretty fortunate that the rain suit only came out twice during this adventure. I looked at the radar and it really appeared that the streak of dry riding time was coming to an end.

The engines were fired up at 9:00 AM. The GPS said it’s only 191 miles to home. Piece of cake – well, it should have been. The skies were blue then but quickly turned overcast and stayed that way all day. The press to get home moved me to change from our two-lane route on to the bustling I-65. From Bardstown, KY US-150 looked like a due north option to access I-265 and get around Louisville. US-150 is a great road in northern Kentucky. I-265 however is in bad need of repairs.

Based on the location of the storm system we thought going a little east and north on secondary roads would be a wise choice. After a short break we jumped onto US-50 trying to get to Indiana 3 which leads directly to the ranch. Guess what – Indiana 3 had road construction and we were force onto about a 20 mile detour back to the west. Ugh – Just what we needed to head due north. A very familiar highway presented itself so Indiana 9 north became the new path home.

Our luck held and the steeds are back in the barn safely after almost 1,300 miles of some very hot weather. My sinus situation has not improved but my backside is a lot more comfortable than when I was hammering down the interstate.

(An hour later and it’s still not raining.)

I forgot to mention in yesterday’s blog that Wednesday is trash day along US-62 heading to Bardstown. I wish the powers that be would have picked another color for the matching trash containers. They were all orange which gave the appearance of the dreaded road closures. Ugh!

Thanks for riding along. There is another adventure coming shortly. Stay tuned.

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