Home Again

There are no pictures from our last day coming home.  The final day was 230 miles of the same roads, the same cornfields, and the same small towns we’ve seen many, many times before.  The route is usually the same – US136 to Indiana 28 then whatever slight variation I feel like that day before I finally pull into a very familiar driveway.  It’s good to be home.

I’m sitting on my deck drinking my coffee watching my pups play with their favorite toys.  As usual I’m reflecting on the trip.  When the trike rolled into the garage it had 3,710 more miles on it than it did when the trip started.  We averaged somewhere around 35 MPG.  We had almost perfect motorcycle weather for the time we were gone.  The rubber suits never got unpacked.  The trike ran flawlessly.

Some random thoughts:

I’m glad I packed a tool kit.  I used it 3 times.  Once was to use an allen wrench to maneuver the dead bird out of my fairing vent but the tool kit was a great $40 investment.

The ability to communicate to the other rider was important.  We got separated by traffic lights in downtown Lincoln, Nebraska and needed the radios to get back together.  We use the CB’s on the Harleys infrequently but I’m glad we have them.

Riding on a trike is just as hot as riding a two wheeler when the temperature outside approaches 100 degrees.

Montana is still tied with Utah at the top of my list of favorite states to visit.

Cross winds that blast at 50 MPH are not fun for anyone.

Wearing a long sleeved shirt is a good idea even when it’s hot.  I just need to get one with a button down collar so I don’t get a constant face beating.

400 mile days on 2 lane highways are draining no matter what the weather is.

I have the best back seat map reader in the world.  She is truly my partner on these crazy trips.

I make the best cup of coffee for sitting on the deck and watching the sunrise.

Henry is temporarily done rambling for now.

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