Back in the Midwest

I’m not sure where the official dividing line is but I know when I have crossed it.  The mysterious line means that we are back in the Midwest.  The corn is tall and there is a lot of it.  Tractors are part of the traffic on 2 lane roads.  The “fragrance” that farm animals provide is everywhere.  We are most definitely in the Midwest.

We left Iowa and crossed over the Mississippi River on US-34 near Burlington.  There just isn’t a lot to look at along US-34.  We dropped down to US-136 by going south on US-67.  This took us through the town of Rosedale, IL where we had lunch.  I picked the only diner in Rosedale and it turned out to also be the local bowling alley.  We didn’t have enough time to roll a few frames so we moved on.

US-136 led us to Interstate 155 which put us in Lincoln, IL.  We could see the traffic at a dead stop in I-55 but fortunately we got to our exit just about the time the traffic backed up to it.  We pulled into the hotel which is next to —- a bowling alley.  Strange.

We’re almost home.  Just a little over 200 miles to go tomorrow.  We could have pushed hard and got home tonight but opted for a last night at a hotel before reality sets in again.  Besides out in front of our hotel is the worlds largest covered wagon.  It’s called the “Railsplitter” and guess who is in the driver’s seat.  Here’s a hint – we’re in Lincoln, IL and around the corner from the Postville Courthouse where Abe practiced law.

We need one more day of sunshine.  Well a half day really.  Keep your fingers crossed.


Flat land, corn, and soybeans. Yep – it must be the Midwest.


The bridge across the Illinois River. I love these old bridges built of steel by brave men.


The plaque that describes the Railsplitter.


The Railsplitter in all of its glory. It’s 40 feet long and can roll on it’s wheels. Abe would be proud.


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