Closed on Thursday

We were really looking forward to a good breakfast this morning.  The closest town is Absarokee (I’ve hears some locals pronounce it Ab-zor-ka???).  It’s only 3 miles from the cabins we’re in.  We’ve heard good things about a place called the Rosebud Café.  It sounded promising.  The 3 miles went by in a flash and we pulled up in front of the Rosebud.  That should have been the tipoff – we were able to park right in front of the place.  The sign on the door said “Closed Wednesday’s and Thursday’s”.  What????

There was another restaurant 1/2 block away so we walked to that.  Their sign proudly proclaimed they were open from 3:00 to 7:00.  I don’t think they ever heard of breakfast in Absarokee.  We need to ask a local.  Just then a woman pulled up who looked friendly enough.  She got out of her car and I asked her if there was anyplace in town to have breakfast.  She recommended the Rosebud (been there, done that).  She then said the only other place she knew about was in Fishtail.  Did we know where that was?  Not exactly.  Well go south out of town until you see the convenience store.  I said we know where that is because we’re staying at Lena’s Cabins.  She got a surprised look on her face and said “I’m Lena”.  Well if she owns cabins she has to know where guests can get breakfast.

We followed her advice and headed to Fishtail.  It was back the 3 miles to the cabins and turn down the other road for another 3 miles.  The place was right where she said it was and there were trucks parked there.  We strolled in the door and were promptly greeted by what had to be the liar’s club.  “If you want coffee, you’re all set but this place is closed. The owner lets us in here to sit and drink coffee but there is no food until after 11:00.”

We were instructed to go to the Fishtail General Store for breakfast.  OK – I’m not from around here it might be possible.  I’ve rambled on long enough.  We scored a couple of breakfast sandwiches and ate at the one long picnic table in the back of the store.  Another new experience – eating breakfast in the produce section.


Breakfast at the General Store.

Back at the cabin after breakfast I was getting restless so we took a walk.  We found a really pretty little creek not to far from where we’re staying.


A beautiful morning and nice little creek.

Across the road from the creek was a deer looking us over.  She had probably never seen Hoosiers before.


Watching the goofy bikers.

After sitting on the porch for a while and then taking a short nap (hey – vacationing can be hard work) we decided to try the bar / casino next door for a light lunch.  We walked in and the sign said their fryer was down and all they had was burgers.  OK – we ordered burgers (no Coke, Pepsi, cheeburger, cheeburger, chips – apology to Saturday Night Live).  Nobody eats breakfast or lunch on Thursdays in Absarokee.

The rest of the afternoon was spent driving to Red Lodge and shopping for a couple of sweatshirts.  Red Lodge is the launching point for the Bear Tooth Highway.  It goes up over 11,000 feet and we were not equipped for the low 40’s temperatures at the summit.  The ride to Red Lodge and back was on MT-78 which is a fabulous road.  Along the way we saw several deer.  Fortunately they were well off the road but I was glad to be back at the cabin before dusk when the deer get more active.

We did see one creature we couldn’t quite identify.  See for yourself.


Ugh – not sure exactly what to say that is on his head,

The sun is still shining and we’re sitting on the porch looking at the mountains.  Life is good


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