The Rain Slalom

Today was one of our luckiest days ever while on the road.  Rain was all around us all day long but we only felt a few drops.  I call it “winning the rain slalom”.  The rain moves in from the right and the road makes a gradual turn to the left.  You get the idea.  We won today.

I looked at the planned route and at the weather.  I made a quick change to the route.  We headed north out of Gillette, Wyoming instead of due west.  WY-59 took us due north to the town of Broadus, Montana – “the wavingest town in the west”.  If you’ve read my blog from a couple of years ago you remember this was the town where the shift linkage came loose and I coasted into a diner parking lot which just happened to have a hardware store next door.

DSCN0970 (2)

Broadus, MT – the wavingest town in the west,



The site of the famous shifter linkage issue on a previous visit.

In Broadus we picked up US 212 west all the way to I-90.  We stopped at the intersection of these 2 highways and had some lunch at a trading post (we’re still on an indian reservation adjacent to the Custer battlefield).

We were on I-90 for just a few miles and got off on Old 87.  It was a great road that paralleled I-90 but we had it pretty much all to ourselves with a 65 MPH speed limit. I had a rare opportunity to follow my buddy – he never wants to be in the lead.


I sight I don’t get to see much – the back of Gregg’s bike.

We finally got back on I-90 and rode hard for another 50 miles or so to MT-78 then a few more miles south to our cabins.  MT-78 continued the rain slalom for us.  We pulled in and just had barely enough time to unload before the real rain hit.  It let up long enough for me to take a couple of pictures to give you and idea of our place for the next few days.


Pizza on the front porch between rain showers.


A rainbow – just for good measure.

If you look closely at the picture above you can see 4 identical cabins.  When I pulled in I thought we had the 2 cabins on the other end.  A woman came out of the first cabin (far right in the picture) and excitedly let us know that she was in the right cabin and had the confirmation number to prove it.  We must have looked like some hardened bikers because the woman was really freaked out. Great -we’re going to be her neighbors for the next few days.


Our view of the Beartooth Mountains from the cabin. This is the only time we could see them between rain showers.

We’re 1,662 miles from home. We’re a little more sunburned, a lot more wind burned but happy to be at our base of operations.  I’ll try real hard not to terrorize the neighbors again while I’m here.




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