There has been a slight rain delay

Another great breakfast put together by Red and Mason. I am really eating like a king. The plan for today was to ride with our friends Mike F. and Donna. We planned to visit a couple of sites that we have been looking forward to. Mother nature had other plans.

The sky looked pretty ominous as did the radar. (How do we ever get along without weather radar and cell phones?) We decided it was prudent to delay the launch until the weather cleared later in the day. That turned out to be a great decision. The skies cleared in the afternoon and it has been a beautiful day. There were some items in Sturgis that we thought were worth going back for (a guy can never have too many Sturgis t-shirts). So we spent the morning in downtown Sturgis.

After the shopping was completed it seemed that a light lunch was in order (more to kill some time waiting on good weather than due to actual hunger). We had heard good things about One-Eyed Jacks. Hmmmm – I personally was not impressed. The food was pretty mediocre and the service was one level below mediocre. It appears that they do not pay their employees very well – the young lady that waited on us could barely afford clothes. I did offer to buy her a t-shirt so she would have something to wear. I didn’t want to make her feel bad by taking her picture so you’ll have to be satisfied with a picture of old guys eating their lunch.

We also changed our day’s target to Devil’s Tower in Wyoming. I know – most of you know what Devil’s Tower is from the movie “Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind”. In reality it is rock tower that looks totally out of place. It protrudes almost 1000 feet into the bright Wyoming sky but sits centered in an otherwise flat area.

It really does look bigger on TV.

That’s supposed to be a joke – here’s the real Devil’s Tower. This shot was taken behind the visitors center. The visitors center is located just outside the actual park gate. I believe that this view is better than what can be seen inside the park.

No tourist stop would be complete without a group selfie. Here’s our contribution.

You’ll notice that there are 7 of us in the picture. That means that our friend and chief route planner, Max, has recovered and is leading the circus train again. We’re glad you bounced back so quickly buddy.

The ride back to Spearfish was pretty uneventful. There are no pictures in fact. There was a good bit of road construction but it was nothing that the intrepid circus performers couldn’t handle.

We had another great dinner prepared by the best motorcycle chef around. Thank you Red.

The bad news is that I was counting on some really great video from the camera system I run on my bike. The camera system is dead and I didn’t capture one single second of anything today. Ugh!

Tomorrow’s weather is looking great. Mike and Donna will be joining us for a couple of beautiful sites. I’m trying to figure out a mount for a different camera on my bike – wish me luck.

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