Decisions, Decisions…..

Don’t get me wrong. We are not rich but it was time to make a decision regarding our trip that involved donating money to a large hotel chain. The strange weather pattern that has gripped the center third of the nation was hitting right square in the middle of our motorcycle vacation. Wave after wave of storms seemed to be starting from the Loisiana gulf coast and shooting water north and east at precisely the time we were going south and west. It was time for a decision to pay for a hotel room that we had no intention of using (I preplanned rooms for the entire trip) or ride through the possibility of another dreary downpouring day. Turns out I didn’t want to pay the excessive fee that hotels are charging during this time just to let the room set empty. The weather forecast looked dismal, posible rain all day (some of it torrential). The money won out and we are headed for Tupelo, Mississippi from our location in Huntsville.

There appeared to be a good breakfast spot within walking distance of our hotel. This gave us a chance to get a little exercise, get away from the hotel “free” breakfast, and try to agree on what to do. The Sunny Street Cafe turned out to be the perfect spot for us today.

This is the place where we agreed to try to get to Tupelo, MS where we were already beyond the reservation cancellation limits of the hotel. We would need to keep one eye on the radar, one eye on the gas tanks, one eye on each other and several eyes on the crazy people driving their huge SUV’s. (I think that’s too many eyes but you get the idea.)

Back in the room, we examined the radar for the largest possible opening in the clouds and took our shot. To make this work, we had to cancel the plans to visit the Space and Rocket Museum in Huntsville (I guess my astronaut career gets postponed again). We donned the rain suits and hit the road about 10:30. We managed to get through most of the day without really needing the rain suits. Once again I’m not going to bore you with a lot of talk about getting from point A to point B.

We almost made it to Tupelo without getting wet

A few bio-breaks and one gas stop later we were within 30 miles of Tupelo before the rain threat looked real. We managed to wait 20 minutes in a convenience store with some really friendly people all wishing us safe and dry travels,

I want to say that the 15 minutes of the last 30 minutes to Tupelo were spent with our flashers on in some heavy rain. We were running well under the posted speed limit due to poor visibility and I felt that flashers were prudent. I really wish I could personally reach out to the guy in the red pickup truck who followed us at a safe distance at our much reduced speed just to “cover our 6”. The person brought an extra sense of security that only bikers can understand. Thank Red Truck Person.

We were able to cruise into our designated hotel complete with our rain suits in some bright sunshine. It’s amazing how fast those things heat up in the sun and humidity.

Why is it so bright out here?

Dinner was an easy choice. About 87 steps from the front door of our motel was the Fairpark Grill. I posted a picture of the place on Facebook to show that we actually were eating a meal somewhere that wasn’t a gas station.

All in today we did 174 miles which puts us at 686 for the 4 travel days. I know it doesn’t impress you long-distance types but hey – I’m retired and where ever I am, that’s where I’m supposed to be. Another decision that’s working out OK for me.

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