Hoping for a Divorce Tomorrow

Since the minute we left the home ranch we’ve been flirting with rain. We just couldn’t get away from it. The dark gray clouds were everywhere and the big green and yellow blobs were all around us on the radar. Well, the flirting stage ended today and it looks like we were forced into a marriage with the storm that we really didn’t want to be part of. It rained pretty much the entire day. We left our hotel dressed in rain gear and spent the entire day wearing it. I’m seriously hoping this crazy weather pattern decides to leave us tomorrow and we can finally be divorced from all the rain in the upper midwest.

First order of the day was to locate breakfast. We debated on a location but decided that delaying our departure time was a good idea so we walked the few blocks to the 3rd Avenue Cafe in downtown Sturgeon Bay. Since it was only 3 blocks from the hotel we decided to walk. By the time we left the drizzle had started. Thankfully, the serious rain was still not on top of us.

We stalled as long as we could then dressed in our finest rain gear and headed out. The first target of the day was about an hour away and located in downtown Green Bay. Maybe you’ve heard that there is a football team that plays in that town and we were headed to see their home field. We really looked like we belonged as we sloshed into the Packer’s pro shop stilled dressed in our glow-in-the-dark rain attire. I’m sure they watched us closely as we strolled through the aisles of this massive display of green and gold. We almost got kicked out when we refused to buy a cheese head hat. This place had at least 4 times as much floor space than our Colts have and had Packer logo everything.

I didn’t want to offend the football gods so I left without buying any Packer’s logo items. I did procure a Lambeau Field hat pin but it does not have the logo on it. Go Colts.

“Hey Spencer, why would somebody build a statue of the hamburgler in the Wisconsin?”

He corrected me for the 11teenth time. “It is not the hamburgler. It is Hamburger Charlie.”

Hmmm, OK – not helpful. “Who is Hamburger Charlie?”

“The guy that invented the hamburger sandwich.”

That doesn’t seem possible but I wasn’t going to ask anymore questions. Seymore, Wisconsin was only a short ride from Green Bay. Maybe I could get another cup of coffee in Seymour.

We made it. Feast your eyes on the statue of Hamburger Charlie.

Charlie Nagreen is such a legend around Seymour that they built a special grill and laid claim to the world’s largest hamburger patty. At 22 feet by 22 feet, it must have been a sight to behold.

OK. I didn’t expect that. Charlie should have patented his idea. He could have quickly become the Burger King.

“Where’s my coffee?”

“Across the street at Sissy’s Treats and Treasures.”

Sissy had coffee and some oversized chocolate chip cookies Hmmmm. I’ll restart the diet tomorrow. We did get a chance to talk to one of the local women who suggested that we go see Doc’s Harley Davidson dealership which was just up the road. She also told us a couple of stories that I never did understand and concluded with “why don’t you go see that place that’s half way between that one place and that other place?” I guess I don’t speak Wisconsin.

We did go to Doc’s Harley Davidson. I was underwhelmed. It was a collection of – well – uh – stuff. It did include a legit Harley dealership. In addition, there were live animals, a muscle car museum, a motorcycle museum, a ferris wheel made up of motorcycles, and a whole lot of other stuff. You will just have to go there to see it for yourself. I didn’t even buy a t-shirt.

We were 130 miles from our day’s destination of Escanaba, Michigan so we zipped up the rain gear and drove a wonderful relaxing route that hugged the coast of Lake Michigan all the way to the Terrace Bay Resort.

The last part of today’s ride was done on dry pavement but the threatening skies never left us alone (after all we did cross back into Michigan which never sees the sunshine). We pulled into the Terrace Bay which is a nice place and we were able to park right in front of our room.

Shortly after we got the bikes unloaded our weather partner decided to dump rain on everything around us. I do hope we get to divorce ourselves from these gray clouds tomorrow. Dinner was at the hotel. My salad would have fed 4 people but a credit card snafu by the bartender nearly caused me a heart attack. She had me sign the check then presented me with someone else’s credit card. OMG – where’s my card. It all turned out ok and she took off 25% of our meal bill. I’m too old for that stuff.

Tomorrow is a new day and maybe a new weather partner.

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