No Corn Pictures

First, let me address the most frequently asked question: No, Mason and I are not cleaning our bikes although the temptation is there (stronger in one of us than the other).

Second, we’re doing well and everything is going according to plan (OK – I made that up but we are doing well and safe). We got our headsets to talk to each other and figured out a way that we could both listen to music. For me that’s a real plus and for Mason, well let’s just say he doesn’t have to listen to me babble on about such important topics as grass seed brands and VPN. (Thanks for being patient with me Mason, I’m old.)

We packed our gear on the bikes about 8:00 local time and the temperature was already 80 degrees and the humidity was about 421.8%. It was really muggy but the promise of somewhat cooler temps was in front of us. We were looking for a breakfast stop that didn’t include the word “continental”. We both prefer to get away from the metropolitan and head for the mom-and-pop place. It looked like Jubilee Cafe would fit the bill and was only 15 miles from the hotel. The setting was perfect. The problem was everyone in 3 counties had the same idea we did and were currently parked in the lot at the Jubilee. Mason resolved the issue and “created” a couple of good parking spots that were near the front door but not in the handicap zone. (There were no yellow lines in that area so I’m sure it was made for motorcycle parking.)

The food was good and the service was excellent. I’m still not sure who the more mature woman was that carried a coffee pot and stole peoples cups. I accused her of being a trouble maker and her response was “more coffee honey?”. This was my kind of place. Our server, Lexi, told us she was the “pie queen” and then proceeded to demonstrate why. She asked, demanded, pleaded, etc. for us to buy a piece of their homemade pie. OMG she almost had me when she mentioned fresh strawberries. She was persistent but we manage to escape without pie although it took great willpower and a little shove from Mason to get me to walk past the full pie case. Thank you Lexi for brightening our morning. I can recommend the Jubilee Cafe in Kickapoo, IL for breakfast.

I’ve been in this area many times on my way to and from the various adventures. That means I did not take any new pictures of the corn fields in Illinois and Iowa.

An Iowa corn field – not from this trip but you get the idea.

We made it through Illinois in good shape and crossed the Mississippi River. This always feels like a major event to me even though it’s just one more bridge. It represents a milestone of achievement. We stopped in Clinton, Iowa for a bio-break and saw a giant golden dome near the river. It wasn’t Notre Dame or even a state capital building. It turns out it is the “world’s largest half-dome sphere” and is the coal storage facility for ADM Power.

Down the street from the dome is Clinton Harley-Davidson. We felt obligated to stop. Purchases were minimal but I managed to get my first hat pin of the trip. (Apologies for the poor image.)

We almost took home another souvenir but there were no saddlebags to pack my luggage into. Maybe next time.

Harley’s newest model – the Pan America

The rest of the ride was an uneventful charge down US 30 into Cedar Rapids, Iowa – our temporary home. That left only dinner to wrap up the day. We asked for recommendations on something within walking distance. This is what we got.

This is why we went there.

20 oz margarita

No we did not partake of the “Scorpion Challenge” which consisted of a shot of Mezcal with a scorpion in the bottom. If you drank this and lived, they let you write your name on the wall. I was not tempted. I did eye a 2nd margarita but I have to ride tomorrow. The food was really good.

Total miles for the trip: 464.9. Miles for today 194.9. (Mason – we should have circled the block one more time to make it come out to an even 195 for the day.)

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