Big Skies Once Again

Almost exactly one year ago I drug a trailer full of 4 motorcycles and the family to a rental house in Livingston, Montana. The result of that trip was ….uh ….. less than perfect. I’ll just leave it at that. Today we rolled into Livingston once again to the very same exit off of I-90. I couldn’t believe that our trip routed us to the same geographic location.

The day started at Sheridan, Wyoming where I took a shower with the world’s smallest hotel soap.

It was about 2 quarters thick.

Two wheelers were packed and as usual we rolled several minutes before the appointed time. It was a short jog to the gas station then on I-90 where we would spend the rest of our riding day.

It was good planning (or just blind luck) that we needed breakfast as we approached one of my favorite places to eat in this area. The Little Big Horn Trading Post didn’t disappoint. We ate breakfast outside on the patio overlooking a valley of the Little Big Horn River. I could have sat there a long time.

Across the street from the Trading Post is the entrance to The Battle of the Little Big Horn (aka Custer’s last stand). I don’t mean to sound uninterested but I have seen this site multiple times and didn’t feel the need to climb the hill to get a close look at the markers that designate where the cavalry soldiers died. Mike and Max had not been there before and were willing to make the climb. My favorite part of visiting this site is to listen to one of the park rangers present the interpretive review of the story of this battle. Given the current world situation, that presentation has been cancelled. That’s a loss for everyone visiting the site today.

Mike and Max heading up Last Stand Hill

A national cemetery shares this site. These are always somber as visitors pay tribute to the fallen soldiers who have fought to keep us free.

The rest of the afternoon was spent battling the crosswinds of Montana along I-90. We did stop to take a break about an hour outside of Livingston. This rest area was the first I’ve seen with individual small rooms for the rest rooms. I didn’t take any inside pictures of these little concrete rooms – you’ll just have to take my word for it. We did enjoy sitting in the shade while Mike shared some of his HAM radio experience with us.

The last hour brought us to the Econo Lodge in Livingston. I once again did not want to jump back on the bike so we walked to a Mexican restaurant next door. Against my usual rule against food pictures, I’m sharing this one because I thought everyone needed one more picture for this blog.

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