Planning time is over – Let’s Launch

Loaded to the gills

We’ve talked about it for at least a year. It wasn’t my idea and I didn’t do the heavy lifting on the planning of the Mother Of All Trips (M.O.A.T.). Some are calling this the BLT (Bucket List Trip). Whatever you want to call it, it’s time to get this thing rolling.

The problem with trying to pre-plan anything during this crazy year is that there are so many unknowns. Can we find places to eat? Can we find places to sleep? Will we encounter check points? Who knows. Max has been trying his best to keep up with every situation. Unfortunately things change so quickly that pre-planning is now no indication of what we will actually have to do. This time will be a little more complicated because I am minus my trusty navigator. I’ll have to depend on the TomTom and the fellow travelers to keep me on the right track.

For me, this trip is about a test. I’ve struggled mentally with the idea of handling this 1,000 pound beast one more time. This 8,000 mile trip will be a test of whether the bike continues to get parked in the garage or the “for sale” sign goes on it. Thanks for coming along on this latest mis-adventure.

Oops – it looks like I forgot my drinking cup and a 3rd pair of shoes and ……………… See you on the road.

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