We successfully navigated the road construction on I-74 and I-69 all the way to our own driveway. I’m writing this entry from the comfort of my favorite chair with my favorite cup of coffee. The trip was almost 4,000 miles, pulling the big box trailer all the way. We spent 2 solid weeks together without inflicting physical damage on any family member. It’s a long way out to Montana.

The saddest part for all of us is that we had planned on motorcycling together and to use the bikes to separate ourselves for some personal space. The gravel road up to our Montana cabin and all the rain we had in Montana interfered with that plan. We rode exactly 150 miles after towing the bikes 2000 miles each way.

I’m glad we went. I learned a lot about asking the right questions before committing to a rental. I learned that all 4 of us can handle truckasaurus in any kind of condition (Laura did a superb job of avoiding a deer and another driver during a panic braking episode.) I learned that it takes a lot of diesel fuel and DEF to get 4000 miles pulling a large trailer. I also reminded myself that, as much as I love the west, there’s no place like home.

A map full of memories. If you look closely, you can seen the route marked on it.

Our next adventure can’t come soon enough but Henry (and family) is done rambling for now. Happy Trails.

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