Exploring Bozeman

Spencer and Laura had preregistered for a 5K run in Bozeman which is about 30 minutes from the end of our driveway. (the decent from the cabin to the pavement is 10 to15 minutes of torture). We held a discussion about hauling the trailer and bikes down the hill then heading our separate ways from there. That idea was quickly abandoned so we loaded up in the truck and headed west.

Lindley Park is located on the edge of downtown Bozeman and looked like a great spot for this event. I’m pretty sure that this 5K was uphill the entire distance. Both of our runners were pretty well spent after crossing the finish line. On the other hand, I was ready to go thanks to the comfortable park bench that was conveniently located in the sunshine near the start-finish line.

After some recovery time for the runners, breakfast was next on the agenda. The Western Café provided just what we were looking for.

Some downtown shopping was in order so we walked the length of the commercial district and returned to the truck all within the allotted 2 hour parking time limit. We even scored some gourmet treats to take home to the pups.

We didn’t have room to haul this home, authentic or not.

Not too far from the downtown area is the Museum of Computers and Robotics. It was an interesting place for a family as full of geekiness as ours. My favorite display was a true-to-life replica of the enigma machine from WWII.

The decision was made to head back to the cabin instead of heading further west to Butte. The local grocery store provided ingredients for a real family sit-down dinner. The conversations were not for publication but suffice it to say, we had a great time. I don’t think there was much appreciation for my selection of dinner music which started with “On the Cover of the Rolling Stone” by Dr. Hook.

Tomorrow’s itinerary will depend on how accurate the weather forecast is. We really would like to get the bikes out one more time before heading east.

The end of another day in Montana.

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