Just Visiting

We don’t have a lot planned for today so I thought I would share a couple of pictures of our cabin.  It is in a great location and the views from the deck gives us a great perspective of what is known as Paradise Valley.  I even included a picture of the best part of the gravel road that leads up here.

We do have a nice view of the valley.  You can see the edge of Livingston, Montana.


I found a quiet corner in the cabin that is perfect for writing the blog and drinking coffee.


Breakfast was in The Other Cafe.  We had a good conversation with Karen, our server who moved here from New Jersey to follow her husbands construction business.  She’s not currently a big fan of Montana – it sounded like she is homesick and missing her friends.  I ordered what I thought was pretty standard stuff for breakfast and couldn’t believe the size of the pancakes when Karen dropped them off.


Most of yesterday’s bugs were removed from our motorcycles and our laundry is caught up.  The afternoon was spent waiting for the threatening thunderstorm to show up.  (Lots of thunder, some lightning, and very little rain – typical mountain weather.)  I did a great job of holding down the couch and listening to the birds chirping outside while the kids did some shopping in Livingston.  We’re a little disappointed in not seeing any wildlife that was mentioned on the website where we found this property.  I did see one chipmunk.

We’re headed back down the mountain in the truck to try to find some dinner.   Tomorrow morning we’re headed to see Old Faithful and the other great sites of Yellowstone Park.  That visit should include our family and about 30,000 of our closest friends.  I can’t wait.

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