A Well Known Stop

What a beautiful morning.  I opened the curtains at The Lodge at Deadwood and was greeted by brilliant sunshine and that blue skies that only can be found in the western part of the US.  I stood there quietly for a few minutes trying to capture the image in my brain so I could replay it when the rain starts to fall in Indiana.

The route today was pretty simple.  Get from The Lodge to I-90 then continue west with only one stop.  No, it is not made of mashed potatoes.  There is a parking lot at The Devil’s Tower Trading Post big enough for our truckasaurus.  We were able to procure our usual assortment of trinkets (smashed penny, magnet, and sticker).  We watched the line into the actual park continue to get longer.  We took all the pictures we needed and pointed our rig back toward I-90.  We were there long enough to confirm that there are definitely aliens at the site, at least they could be found at the Trading Post.

The last 150 miles was pretty uneventful.  You can cover a lot of miles efficiently at 80 miles an hour even if the wind is blowing.  It wasn’t a long day but for some reason we were tired.  We made it to the Holiday Inn at Sheridan, Wyoming around 2:30.  Jana and I decided to make it an easy evening and have dinner at the Holiday Inn.  Eating at the hotel is often not a great experience.  This time it worked out really well.  The server was efficient and the food was good.

After dinner we walked over to the big box store across the street and bought a few essential items (mostly snacks) for the final push to our Montana house.  It was a pretty simple day which is just what we needed.   I am already anxious to see the property we chose a year ago for our latest family adventure.  One more day of burning diesel – we’ll all find out about the house at the same time.


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