A Cold Finish

The trike is tucked away in the barn waiting our next adventure.  Another 1,600 mile trip is behind us.  We cut our trip short by 3 days due to hurricane Michael and the threat of some really cold weather.  The last day was pretty cold.  Most of the way home (about 225 miles) was spent at 54 degrees with a 30 MPH blustery wind out of the north-east.  We didn’t talk very much.  Part of the reason for the lack of verbal communication was due to the intercom’s shortcomings given the speed and cross wind.  Some of it was that we were just plain cold.

We packed pretty efficiently but could have taken some heavier jackets (or our heated gear).  It might be time to move to full-face helmets to help our intercom’s functionality.  The 33 MPG average for the trike seemed about normal given the constant wind conditions.  I ride pretty conservatively – we had no “close calls” on this trip.  That’s the technical stuff.

We had a great time talking to people along the route.  We met a fun loving little girl – Allie Jo.  We met a little girl beginning a new life after her mother gave her away.  We met a college degreed bar tender who is moving to a new area because working two jobs (veterinarian tech, bar tender/waitress) wouldn’t pay her rent.  I met a number of bikers who asked questions about the trike.  We met the owner of Boomland.  There are a lot of nice people everywhere.   If you read the news every day, you might get the impression that everyone is a hater.  We didn’t find a single one on our entire trip.

My only “people” complaint is that about 30% of the car driving public is on their cell phones.  I don’t mean just talking.  They are texting, emailing, playing games, or watching videos.  Some of these people passed us going about 80.  This is scary stuff.  I’m for technology that blocks all the cell phone functions except phone calls while driving.

We saw some beautiful mansions and some run-down shacks indicating that there is a wide spread of incomes in Mississippi.  We followed a little bit of the Blues Highway – some of it well marked, some of it impossible to find.  Cotton still appears to be king in the area.

Jana is the best navigator bar none (even frozen at 60 MPH).  My own coffee is still my favorite.  The plan for the next trip is already in the works – heading west of course.

Once again, Henry is done rambling – temporarily, of course.


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