Michael Moves In

When travelling via motorcycle, you have to be flexible.  We are somewhat at the mercy of the elements.  Oh sure, you can put on a rubber suit and keep moving.  Depending on the temperature some rain can be a welcome relief from the mid-90’s temperatures we’ve been dealing with.  We were sitting in Canton, MS trying to decide which route we were going to pursue to get us back home.  The TV was on and the news was reporting some information about the latest gulf hurricane – Michael.  One of the potential paths for this storm brought it was too close to where we were.  We immediately started looking for options.  Since we were almost on top of I-55 that seemed the most logical route.  I’m not really a big fan of interstate travel but it does provide a good way to put a lot of miles behind you in a hurry.

We spent almost 5 hours (counting stops) getting 250 miles north of where we started.  I-55 took us right through Memphis.  We found a room in Blytheville, Arkansas.  It look like rain was imminent so we pulled in to the Holiday Inn.  It is the highest priced room we have had on this trip.  It is nothing special.  They did give us coupons for a free drink each at the bar.

After unpacking, we headed to the restaurant / bar and cashed in our coupons.  The beer was cold.  We decided to go ahead and order dinner.  The chicken nacho was calling our name along with a couple of salads.  The salads were good but the nacho was inedible.  I’m not sure what exactly was wrong with it but the chips tasted awful.  So much for dinner.

Tomorrow the forecast is calling for rain just about everywhere between us and home.  We’re going to take a shot without making room reservations and see how it works out.  The trike is running good but only got about 31 MPG today due to a strong headwind and pushing slightly above the 70 MPH speed limit.  There were no pictures today.  We’re looking at tomorrow hoping the promise window of no-rain actually happens.  It will also be nice to get a good breakfast.  Fingers crossed.


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