Exploring Monticello

We had decided last night that we were going to do something different for breakfast.  I have had my fill of the continental breakfast offered by the hotels.  Not that there is anything wrong with those but I need some real eggs.  Spencer suggested a spot about 45 minutes away call Twin Rocks.  The bikes were already to run and the weather was cooperating.  With hopeful looks, we headed out toward Bluff, UT.

The restaurant / gift shop more that met our hopes both in setting and in food we were served.  This is part of the reason I came back to Utah so soon after our last vacation here.

By the time we got back to Monticello the day was beginning to heat up.  We ran into town to buy a few essentials.  We learned that this weekend is a celebration of statehood in Utah and towns everywhere are having festivals.  Monticello is having a big list of activities including a parade and “ghost tours”.  We garnered this information from the local visitors center which includes a museum and a huge old tractor known locally as “Big 4”.  Typically the Big 4 can only be viewed from behind it’s glass windows.  As I was standing on the sidewalk admiring the tractor a gentleman invited me to come inside.  We gathered the family and entered the building.

A very enthusiastic crew was working on a display board for the tractor.  The woman decided to give us a rundown on the weekend fun.  She started talking about the parade and that the tractor usually runs in the parade but would not be running this year.  The guy who let us in was not quite enthusiastic summed up the entire event – “Hey – it’s not the Rose Parade so don’t expect big things.”  What a sales pitch.

The complete list of fun was available at the newspaper office.  The San Juan Reporter, which also doubles as a gift shop, was having a book sale too.  The helpful person behind the counter explained the “ghost tour”.  We signed up immediately for the Friday 9:00PM time slot.  Spencer and Laura are considering signing up for the 5k run on Saturday morning.  It’s up in the mountain.  I can barely breath down here in town so any type of running is out of the question for this old guy.

It was pretty quiet back at the house so a short diversion to go see church rock and newspaper rock was planned.  We stopped at another Monticello eatery on our way north through town.  The Peace Tree was “not the Rose Parade” but the food was good.

Church rock is adjacent to the highway 191 so we stopped to get a few pictures before moving on to newspaper rock.


The evening was spent watching a herd of mule deer play around in the field behind us as storms moved through the area.  Tomorrow is another day.










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