Into the Rockies

We were eating the normal Holiday Inn Express continental breakfast this morning.  Another hotel guest asked us if we were the ones going to Moab (they had talked to Laura at check-in last night).  We admitted that we were and she proceeded to tell us everything she knew about Moab – which was a lot.  She had just left there.  She offered to tell us all the good eating places in town.  She continued to talk long after my ability to listen gave out.  Fortunately her husband gave her the sign that it’s time to leave and I was spared a written list that I didn’t need anyway.  I’ve been to Moab before.

We ran down the street a little and saw a huge easel in a park.  What some towns won’t do to promote tourism.  I’m not sure if it’s a “world largest” or not but it was big.


The first stop of the day was for lunch at Casa Bonita.  It is a really fun place with so-so Mexican food (their words – not mine).  They had “cliff divers”, a gun fight, and an escaping gorilla.  This was all geared for kids entertainment and the place was really crowded. I tried to snap a few pictures but I was more focused on eating than on taking pictures.  We did manage to score another smashed penny before heading out.




The second stop of the day was at the Coors brewery in Golden, CO.  I didn’t take any pictures there.  It was a self guided tour.  They provided each of us with a hand-held audio device and talked us through the tour.  At the end of the tour we got to try some of the beers.  I tried one called Colorado Native which reminded me of Guiness.   Jana tried Sandlot which tasted like banana oil to me.  The shuttle bus took us back to the parking lot where we had anchored the truck.

The only thing left for today was to get to the evening’s destination Silverthorne, CO.  Spencer and Laura had never been west of Denver.  Spencer was behind the wheel and did a great job of maneuvering the behemoth that we were driving over the mountains.  Laura was superbly navigating us through while helping keep an eye out for the usual interstate maniacs.  Interstate 70 is really pretty through this area but the driving experience can be stressful for first timers – even for two nervous passengers in the back seat.

We made it to Silverthorne and walked down the street to the DAM Brewing company for dinner.  This is the second time a hotel clerk told me to eat at the DAM bar (see my blog from our previous experience near Lake Powell),  None of us were really hungry so we ate pretty light and walked back to the hotel.  Tomorrow we should be in our rented house where we’re be for the next 6 days.  I’m ready to park the trailer and hopefully enjoy some of Utah’s best scenery on the trike.

We did manage one last “selfie” in front of the local cannabis dispensary.  I didn’t feel any need to go inside.


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