The Blues and The Grays

This is our last full day in Montana and I’m struggling with the “blues and the grays”.  The “blues” refers to the feelings I have about turning the trike back toward the east and heading for our own ranch.  The “grays” describes the look of the sky all day long.  We have yet to see the sun today.  The rain has been on and off.

We did sneak in a ride into Absarokee for breakfast at the Redbud.  It’s only 3 miles and I didn’t figure we could get too wet in 3 miles.  It didn’t rain on us but the skies were certainly threatening.

I watched the radar and saw an opportunity to go to the final place on our list of things to see in this area.  It was about 25 miles to the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness.  We were told that there is a waterfall there that we could hike to.  We drove the 25 miles and did see a waterfall off in the distance.  We parked by the fast flowing river and thought we would walk up the trail heading for a different waterfall.  Two things happened that stopped us.

First, it started to drizzle some rain. Second, I had a problem with my equilibrium.  This is the same affliction that drove me to move from two wheels to three wheels.  As a result, we turned around and headed back down the trail to the trike.

We made it back to Fishtail and the Cowboy Bar without getting wet.  We stopped in for something to eat.  The choices for local restaurants are pretty limited.  I would describe the food at the places we’ve eaten as mediocre.  It was pretty standard fare but they are certainly proud of it based on the prices they charge.

We’re now back at the cabin and the blues have really hit hard as I prepare to pack for departure tomorrow morning.  I’ve enjoyed the 5 days here.  It turned out to be pretty relaxing.  Now it’s time to head east.


Even if the skies are gray, around every curve is another postcard picture. On our way to the wilderness area on highway MT-419.


The waterfall that we were able to see from the road. It was only an 11 mile hike up the mountain.


Welcome to the wilderness. Watch out for bears.


Fast flowing. I bet the water was really cold. You can see the first drop of rain on the lens.


Momma and baby were pastured close to our cabin. This is as close as I could get as mom made sure they kept their distance. She never took her eyes off of me while protecting her new baby.

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