A new approach

The time has come for me to admit that 1,000 pounds of motorcycle plus luggage and 2 adults is too taxing to travel long miles.  This will be our first trip on 3 wheels.  DSC_0043

It’s more of a hit to my ego than anything else.  I still feel like I should be young enough to manage the two-wheeler but a previous bout with Bell’s Palsy has left me with some insecurities around my equilibrium.  It’s just safer for Jana and me to have the trike.  I refuse to let it diminish my fun or my anticipation of the upcoming trip.   (I’ll still do the 2-wheeler on solo / local treks.)

We’re headed back to familiar ground.  We found some cabins in western Montana and plan to make them our home for a few days.  It seems unusual to me that we will be 1,800 miles from home but travelling over familiar roads and seeing sights we’ve seen before.  I can’t wait.  I just have to get through the next few working days before we launch.

The trike is ready.  The i-Pod is full of music.  The sunscreen is stored in a handy spot.  (One of us is already packed.)  Thanks for coming along for the next chapter in our adventure.

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