It’s that time again

I am already getting anxious to hit the road but we’re not leaving for a few weeks.  It’s been too long.  We’re headed east this year.  Sad to say that we’re 46 years too late but I will finally be able to say “I went to Woodstock”.  Our new mascot is getting his outfit ready courtesy of our wonderful daughter-in-law, Laura.  He will be dressed appropriately for going “back to 1969”.  I’m reserving hotels rooms, plotting the route, and doing the last minute changes to the bike.

I don’t know what drives me to make a bunch of changes just before a long trip but that’s what I’m doing.  We had such a fiasco trying to strap the extra box on top last year that I decided to change out the luggage rack (I should have left it alone – the right one was on it from the factory).  That will take care of any luggage concerns.  We bought a new seat and we really need to put some miles on it before heading out. I wonder what else I can mess with prior to leaving.

I’m committed to improving my writing and my picture taking for the journey this year.  That should result in a better accounting of the trip.  I still refuse to take pictures of food though.  I don’t care if the onion rings are bigger than my hand.  I hope you’ll follow along again as Henry rambles.

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