We should respect the quilt

We had a great plan for the day.  We were leaving Bend and headed for the coast then taking US101 north to near Astoria, Oregon.  All in we planned to cover about 280 miles.  We might even have time to get to Fort Clatsop today.  We ate breakfast in the hotel and the place was crammed with people headed to a quilting festival.  I didn’t pay much attention to their conversation.  Maybe I should have listened.  The town of Sisters was only 14 miles up the road.  It appears that anyone who does anything with quilting was in Sisters for this major event.  The streets of the town were blocked off including US20 which is exactly where we wanted to go.  What should have been an easy 20 minute drive through of a quiet little town became an hour of stop-and-go (mostly “stop”) .  I vow to never buy a quilt again.

We finally cleared Sisters and were on our way.  I expected some Saturday traffic but not what we ran into when we finally got to US101 in Newport, OR.  We encountered a lot of people on the road and of course road construction.  US101 is in serious need of resurfacing.  It was bad.  What should have been about 6 hours on the road turned into a 10 hour test of my patience.  So much for getting to Fort Clatsop today.  It will have to wait until the morning.  The weather had been in the upper 80’s as we came across Oregon but when we hit the coast it was 62 degrees and gray.  Even though we hit intermittent sunshine along the coast, the temp never got above 64

 Now it’s 10:30PM local time and all I can hear is music blasting from somewhere.

Tomorrow we have to turn the front wheel back toward Indiana.  I have no plan, no hotel reservations, and not sure which way we’re going.  I’ve got some work to do.  Maybe the music will stop by the time I’m done.

Headed for quilt extravaganza.

Headed for quilt extravaganza.

Still 5 miles out of town.

Still 5 miles out of town.

Made it to the gray Oregon coast.

Made it to the gray Oregon coast.

The sun was out some but it was still cool - in more ways than one.

The sun was out some but it was still cool – in more ways than one.

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